Kamis, 14 Maret 2013

maybe gowes is the best way.

[13th of March 2013] yeah we're separated by school. it isn't that easy to have some quality time lyk before. we have our own business, different bussiness indeed. it's so hard to be a full-team of 24. besides, Dinny's in Solo, it isn't easy as u come to her house and ask her to have some fun out there. but that morning, we had a-quality-short-time by doing gowes. whoopss it should have been called "kuliner" and not "gowes". just think lyk this.... m. toha, fina's house, and McD. but whatever that's, the most important's we had "time". yes, we had....

yes, i could be the most crazy and weird one with 'em. you are home when u r with friends.

Sabtu, 09 Maret 2013


when u're being crazy with friends is the precious moment u'll ever had in your life. that's what i had that day. yep, on 9th of March 2013, there's another SPECTRUM. last year, we had our own SPECTRUM, i mean... we're still a part of spensa. even last year was better, but it's ok. this year's still good bcs we could meet up together in our old school, huh? forget all those fckn promblems, and LET'S ROCK!

last year was more amazing.... yep, too much reasons.

mine's not seen well.

still. yes, we're still weird.

thank u, OSIS 2012/2013!