Selasa, 29 Januari 2013

Kamis, 24 Januari 2013

it's been a year.

and it's been a year, huh? i can't tell how much i love u all, girls. i do really miss those stupid things that we had done. haa once more, happy 1st anniversary, 24!

these photo was taken on 20th of January 2013. and dinny should have been here; with us.... but she wasn't. </3

remember? we used to "gowes" almost everysunday. and that's what i miss the most.

we had a plan to make uhm... video; the video for us, for our first year.

heaven! it feels like u go back to that time. well, even we're not complete there. haha thanks for this one year, 24. stay cool!

Minggu, 06 Januari 2013

Happy Birthday, u both! ♥

hai, good evening, everyone! uhm it's 06th of January. yahh, i know it's the last day of holiday, isn't it? and guess what..?! two people whom i love were born on this day. yap, mom and Ule. well, i was surprised when i know that they were born on the same day. haha. actually, I and my sisters have made some plannings for mom today. unfortunately, ma mom isn't here rite now. he went to Bogor last nite. and yap we have to cancel the surpraise and wait till mom come back. such a pity, huh?
        Next, i have planning too for ule's birthday. i and some of ma friends, i mean yeah they're only 2 people. bcs it's the last of our holiday, and it's too hard to ask all your friends to help u. i literally have no idea, it's just too... uhm ok. i can say that the surpraise was totally absurd. haha LOL but i hope u enjoy your 16th birthday and that-fuckn-absurd-idiot-surpraise-u've-ever-got, le! ;-)

Thank you, Ghina! ({})

Happy Bithday, le!

Once more, Happy Birthday! i love u both. ♥ and especially u, mom! and thanks for helping, Salma, Ghina, and Nopan! u both are such good friends, i mean even it's ur last day of holiday, u could help me for that absurd surpraise. hoho.

Kamis, 03 Januari 2013

we have been already full-team, girls.

hai long time no post here. btw Happy New Year Eve, everyone! i know it's too late, but it's ok huh? btw i feel so elated today. we have already met. yap, 24. the girls whom i love the most. we're full team. yeah i can't even imagine that! can't believe that this day would be happen like this.
       at the beginning, salma couldn't join us. her father was in hospital. but we really wanna meet her. bcs we couldn't be full without her. so we decided to go to her home after we had had lunch. i know it isn't easy to see her father's condition. i know that feelings.... uhm k, tan, stop it.
       but it's ok. we're really full today. even there're still sadness. but the most important thing is "we're together."

late-surprise, late-birthday-cake, and late-treating too. haha hbd "jomblo 2 tahun!". i mean, awe. :-*

i always love the way we do those idiot things.

haha guess for whom...

had lunch at PH. it's awe (late) party for sure.

arrived at Salma's. hope our coming made u better sal. :-)

why are we always idiot lyk this..? but it's ok. we used to be crazier than this before.

Bel.... -__-

and finally we found the best position to take a photo together, rite? haha thanks for this lovely day, ma lovable girls! much loves and kisses.