Minggu, 06 Januari 2013

Happy Birthday, u both! ♥

hai, good evening, everyone! uhm it's 06th of January. yahh, i know it's the last day of holiday, isn't it? and guess what..?! two people whom i love were born on this day. yap, mom and Ule. well, i was surprised when i know that they were born on the same day. haha. actually, I and my sisters have made some plannings for mom today. unfortunately, ma mom isn't here rite now. he went to Bogor last nite. and yap we have to cancel the surpraise and wait till mom come back. such a pity, huh?
        Next, i have planning too for ule's birthday. i and some of ma friends, i mean yeah they're only 2 people. bcs it's the last of our holiday, and it's too hard to ask all your friends to help u. i literally have no idea, it's just too... uhm ok. i can say that the surpraise was totally absurd. haha LOL but i hope u enjoy your 16th birthday and that-fuckn-absurd-idiot-surpraise-u've-ever-got, le! ;-)

Thank you, Ghina! ({})

Happy Bithday, le!

Once more, Happy Birthday! i love u both. ♥ and especially u, mom! and thanks for helping, Salma, Ghina, and Nopan! u both are such good friends, i mean even it's ur last day of holiday, u could help me for that absurd surpraise. hoho.

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