Rabu, 12 September 2012

getting busy.

haa long time no post something which called "galau". eh ehm ok, ignore that words. well, these fuckin-adorable-cute-funny-beauty-lovely-awesome-tasks are killing me softly. too tired of getting them more and more everyday. i just feel too lazy to do or touch them. please give me something good which could help me to do them.

PLH's duty. have no idea to make nature poster. so i decided to make like that. bad, totally bad. -__-

ms. Karneng has asked us to cover our book with our own creativity. ofc i directly got an idea to cover ma book with Harry Potter things. hohooo i'm sold on the idea of this Harry-Potter-coverbook.

yap, those are some of ma homeworks. hoffdd let's do them.

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