Senin, 29 April 2013

when ur cultures're claimed, what will u do?

another task of Ms. Karneng, we have to make a traditional contemporary dance. at the beginning, we were too confused to choose the theme of ours. idea by idea were given. you know? it's hard to manage all of the students in one class to be one group, huh? this class, which is lead by lintang, has some different types of students. haha just describe it by urself, i won't describe bcs we hv our own opinion, rite? ;)
       day by day had been passed and we hadn't found a good idea. in this "mepet" situation, i remembered the claiming of indonesian's culture by other countries. so i told lintang and she looked agree w/ it. she told the others and all of them started to make the plot of that theme.
      if we look the structures of narrative, that's only the first resolution. haha lol there's too much problems and happiness in the way of making this dance.
      yep, there're indonesians dancer, X County's dancer, the gamelan player, and crews. we need super-duper-triper-extra-hard-work. k, i'm too much but it's the fact. we only had bout 1 week bcs another week's used for mid test so we couldn't do some training on that week. here we're....

our last practised in SMK 2 after had some mid test. we had to fight for the next day. just look our tiring faces.... keep calm, kubalost. practised hard will give us the best result. trust me. : )

Mimah call him Mr. Gendang

wohooo! high five, kubalost! feel so proud of wearing that t-shirt.

Alhamdulillah, the 4th! even we're not the first, but our practiced, works, and solidarities are the best one. thank u for all that time, kubalost!

now, when ur cultures of ur country are claimed by the other, what will u do? let it flow or try to make it stop? that's all up to u. but just do the second! ; )

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