Selasa, 23 Juli 2013

a monday night out with 9c.

had another precious time with them. even though bout only a half of 9c, but it's oke. and the most important was.... there're only 3 girls. yap, only 3. wish 9c could come next year yaahh.

it's not satnite, but mon-nite. although troubles had come before we met. yeaa troubles, ferly sapik ebe. why u guys so fckn incredible annoying?! hahaha just to be very honest, i lil bit go mad with u three.

see? only 3 girls there.

with super duper annoying boys ever. (re : only for that night)

unfortunatelly, 24's not complete there. salma, fina, dinny couldn't join us.

accidentally met Fahmi. and we wore the same stripes  t-shirt. hufftt.

imet gets bigger, yes but he looks better now. 

just asked jadul to buy some "kembang api" and bring them to bella's... and i literally had no idea that he'd buy these-small-5-years-old-kembang-api.

because a little thing could make us happy, as long as we're together~

yeaa man, it's really a night for me!

don't try this at YOUR OWN HOME! haha k, it's Bella's.

i met all of my fans. aaaaaa. and actually thy're ebe's fans a.k.a iqbaaaleee. i just couldn't stop laughing when he said, "iyaa tenang fans, iqbalnya lg main kembang api dulu."

y am so creepy.....?

they really made my night.

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